写字楼装修如何利用好空间?Office decoration how to make good use of space?-



写字楼装修如何利用好空间?Office decoration how to make good use of space?


  Office decoration for a company's development has a very important influence, many enterprises are not much attention to this link, to everyone in the actual work, can not have a good efficiency increase, affecting everyone's normal work. However, how to reasonable use of office space?


  1, supporting the use of housing layout and office building decoration design of the matching relationship between housing mainly refers to the meeting room and reception room (room), data rooms and so on. Meeting room is essential to the business of supporting the use of the room, generally divided into small and medium of different types, and some enterprises have a number of small and medium conference room. Large conference rooms are often used in the classroom or lecture hall layout, seating and audience seats, small and medium sized meeting rooms often use a round table or long table layout, the participants Wai block, conducive to the discussion. Meeting room layout should be simple and plain, adequate lighting, air circulation. Can use enterprise standard color decoration wall, or in the inside of the enterprise flag, or in the podium, the conference table display enterprise logo (thing), in order to highlight the characteristics of the enterprise.


  2, different staff of the office decoration design decoration in any enterprise, the office decoration layout is due to the use of the staff of the job responsibilities of the nature, the use of different requirements and should be different. In the chairman, corporate decision-making executive director, or factory manager and Deputy Manager (the prime minister), Party Secretary of the main leaders, because their work has played an important role in the survival and development of enterprises, can have a good office environment, have a great influence on the effect of decision-making, management level. For general management and administrative personnel, many modern enterprises often need to use a large office, centralized office, decoration design, the purpose is to increase communication, space saving, easy to supervise, improve efficiency. This office renovation disadvantage is mutual interference is larger, therefore: one is partitioned by department or small department, the same department staff generally concentrated in one area, two is the use of low partition, height of 1.2~1.5 meters, to create a relatively closed and independent working space for every employee. To reduce the mutual interference; three is a special reception area and Rest Area, not because of a customer visit and destroy the quiet work of other people. The office decoration style of foreign-funded enterprises and some high-tech enterprises to adopt more creative, for the labor oriented technical personnel and social work more public relations personnel, their office should not use this arrangement.


  3, office decoration design basic requirements office decoration design mainly includes office space planning, decoration, interior color and lighting and sound design, office supplies and accessories, such as equipment and equipment, etc.. The decoration design has three levels, the first level is economical and practical, on the one hand to meet the practical requirements, bring convenience to the office staff, on the other hand to try to lower costs, the pursuit of the best ratio of function cost; the second level is beautiful and generous, can fully satisfy the people's physical and psychological needs, to create a good the working environment of a good to hear or see; the third level is the unique taste, office decoration is the material carrier of enterprise culture, to reflect the enterprise material culture and spiritual culture, reflecting the characteristics and image, positive influence and harmonious of the staff in the.


  China enterprise meeting, low efficiency, in order to solve this problem, in addition to corporate leaders and the meeting of the people to pay attention, you can take some measures in the office layout:


  A sofa is not (a) for a long time sitting furniture, do not even set up chairs and stools, advocate the standing meeting;


  Two, is in the meeting room prominently display or hanging clock, to remind the meeting time; three is to reduce the number of meeting rooms, not only improve the efficiency of the conference, but also improve the utilization rate of the meeting room.


  In addition, the office building renovation design layout to the pursuit of elegance rather than luxury, do not give the impression that vulgar impression, office decoration rational use of space can give people a feeling of spaciousness, can give workers comfort. This will be able to stimulate the enthusiasm of workers, while allowing you to better focus on the interests of the company itself, so that work better.

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